Friday, August 26, 2005

When Loves Are In The Air

I never realize. I got something special that I never expected before.
Sometimes, I think life is so unfair in some how. I loose many things when I really want it to.
This anger, sadness or even tears couldn’t pay anything to fix them back.

Until one day…

When I try to let them go like the first time I never want it before. When I dried my tears falling, stop my pushing dream, take a breath and try to be rational.
I feel that I’ve never loose anything.

The great time that I ever had is only love. Thanks God
There was my simple birthday party where my lovely friends were there. They changed everything in my heart.
They opened my eyes and saw the loves are always there to be touched, reached and hug.
They create one deeply smile that day…

Besides, I got many things from my friends that time.
Thanks for the cake boss! You know, it was the first cake with the candles on it that I ever have.
The small kiss from my Germany student. European….nice, sweet… :p Thanks for the make up set Dan and Marc!
For my roommate, how did you hang them at our bath room! But still, thanks it’s so sweet.
My lovely cousin Nazla, thanks for the books and thanks to always be my best friend in all my conditions. Luv you always….

My beloved friends!

Goodness…what can I do without you! You made it just like a real party. Thank you so much.
You all also try so hard to change me become a feminine one hahahaha….
But anyway, I’ll do my best to make your dream come true :p

And everybody who can loves me without any reasons. These happiness tears will not enough to say my impression.
I rose up on all your shoulders…

Some messages from them on august, 11 2005

Dian : ……. Happy milad k’umi. (Thanks for the doa, say...)

Sari : Happy ultah yang ke 17… “Aku harap dia lebih pandai lagi berhitung…”
gumam Christopher (di insiden anjing) :p)

Nazla : After called me at 6.00 a.m
Sori bngt y telat, gw gak denger (Alarm), bo! (!)

Tita (my sister) : Happy birthday nenk; kapan kawin? (no…comment :p)

Widya : Um, tau No-nya sari, ga? Tlg ya… (ni orang nyambung gak, sich? *bingung*)

Elly : Slmt ya, semoga menjadi Ummi Kultsum yang baru. Mantap menuju cita2 n harapan
di masa depan... (Makasih banyak, bu...)

Dina, Rahma, Nina : Selamt ulang tahun ya... semoga cepet dapet jodoh! (mereka sms-an bareng2 ya...?)

Tion : Kumpulan puisi Remy Silado Rp 140 rb. Krn lo ultah gw diskon 50% jd 70 rb aja dech!
(kapan kau berenti jadi kapitalis, bang!:p *accent batak*)

Mr. X : Happy birthday….chuka hammida, hembo keo... jkagdsfg$#@%#$#^$&*cvsdvcjhffshvlo
*Korean language n I don't get it at all :p* (kamsa hamida dech, tuan….)


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