Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Lottery Ticket by Anton Chekhov

Some Ironies Between Fancy And Reality
Human characters mostly are similar. They prefer to live in a better or even in luxury condition. No body can receive easily their pathetic life. It is kind of irony, when they also push their selves to change their class to be higher than the other class in their social community. Those attitudes seem natural. But if we see it deeply that people will does anything even a bad thing to make a better life. This story below will show some ironic attitudes about somebody.
Ivan Dimitritch and his wife Masha, a middle class family, are one of the examples. Ivan goes to work and feels satisfied with his only 12.000 Rubles income for a year. Although, it is a though life, they can face it in burden heart. Ivan also does not believe in lottery luck. It looks ridiculous thing for him. That is why he shows his mockery and skepticism face when his wife asks him to check her lottery series number on the newspaper. He speaks to her wife unenthusiastically. “All right… we will look… 9.499 and 26.” His tone shows that he doesn’t really interest with it.
We can see the irony which is shown by Ivan, when Ivan shows the series of lottery number, suddenly he reveals his different perspective on the luck of the lottery. Even, he starts fancying many things with the prize. The prize is about 75.000 Rubles. He imagines that he and his family will move in luxury house with new and expensive furniture. They will get well food, serene, healthy body, feeling warm, even hot.
At one mentioned explanation showed that it is ironic that Ivan finally dissatisfied with is life, and he cannot do anything to change that condition, even though he initially tries to accept whatever his life is. Therefore, when he believes on lottery, he wants to use the money to change his life. So, he does not have to think anything and does not have to go to the office anymore. (p.363).
The irony also comes to Masha. The woman who dedicates her life to take care of the house, cook, bring up the children and others house wife’s job and does not really except much about what will she do with the money. But than she imagines the same thing what her husband does. She than feel bored and tired with her recent condition.
Next, the irony in this story becomes more complex. When both Ivan and Masha have their own fancy in their imaginations. Ivan thinks that if his wife got the lottery, she would go abroad and would find another man who is better than him. He also thinks that she would keep the money only for herself and would hide it from him (p.365). From his imagination, it seems that has already lost his confidence to lead his family through a simple life. “She will after her relations and grudges me every farthing.” He starts underestimating himself and creates his imagination that he would loose his power in the family. If it happens, his family would go away from him.
Ivan also starts hating his wife’s family. He thins that if Masha got the money, they would come to Masha and ask her to share the money with them. Meanwhile, they never give anything to his family before (p.365). His imagination is as a proof that Ivan displeases with Masha’s family, even though he never discusses it with her.
Unfortunately, Masha feels what Ivan hides from her. Masha cannot suspect that everything she does is useless when she sees her husband’s eyes starts hating her. Than Masha decides to own the prize on her own. “It’s very nice making daydreams at other people is expense!” is what her eyes expressed “No, don’t you dare!” (365). We also find an irony statement here. Masha calls her self in her mind as ‘other people.’ It means that Masha puts herself as a stranger infront of her husband. Than, they start hating each other.
The final irony from this story is when Ivan finds the number which is not same with the lottery. Suddenly they loose their dreams at once. They shouldn’t think nor even plan the stupid dreams, while they have not checked the number of the card firstly. So, they do not have to hate each other or even loose their trust one of another (p.365).
If we think the story about. It seems like a joke. But actually we find a picture of ourselves there. People will change their character dramatically as an ‘evil’ when they stuck in material things. They cover their heart from love, care ness, sensitivity to care someone who really cares of them.


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totally agree with you sweety. btw, do u have bf?

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do you even know what irony is?

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your post is so helpful... thanks.. :)

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